Our Family Adoption

Complaints Procedure

Our Family Adoption aims to be highly professional and transparent when providing Adoption Services.  We, however, accept that occasionally you may feel dissatisfied about the service you receive.  It is therefore important for us to know about this so that we can improve and learn from any mistakes.  If you make a complaint the Our Family Adoption will ensure that you continue to be treated with courtesy and respect and that you do not experience disadvantage because you have made a complaint.  Service will not be withdrawn whilst Our Family Adoption investigates your complaint.

Should you need to make a complaint or express dissatisfaction regarding your involvement with Our Family Adoption, please write to the Agency Director at Our Family Adoption Agency Ltd, Community House, Portholme Road, Selby YO8 4QQ.  Alternatively, you may wish to contact Our Family Adoption by email at info@ourfamilyadoption.co.uk  Tel: 01757 291111


  1. Our Family Adoption will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 10 working days and advise you of the action proposed by the Agency to investigate the matter.
  2. It is usual for the Social Work Team Manager to undertake the initial investigation of your complaint.  You will be invited to meet with the Team Manager to fully discuss your concerns within 15 working days of Our Family Adoption receiving your complaint.  At any stage in the investigation of your complaint you may be accompanied by a supporter.
  3. In every case the outcome of the initial investigation into your complaint will be forwarded to you in writing.  You will be offered the opportunity to discuss the outcome of the investigation with the Team Manager.  It is Our Family Adoption’s aim to satisfactorily resolve any complaint within 28 days.  If for any reason this does not appear possible, Our Family Adoption will write to you giving reasons for the delay and if possible a timescale with which you can expect to have a full response to your complaint.
  4. Following the initial investigation, if the complaint cannot be resolved, the Agency Director will contact you or arrange an appointment to further discuss your concerns and attempt to resolve your complaint.  He/she will have considered all the information regarding your concerns and attempts to resolve the matter before you meet.
  5. Should you remain dissatisfied with Our Family Adoption’s response to your complaint, the Agency’s chairperson will decide if further action should be taken or provide you in writing with a Final Response to your complaint.

At all stages of the process Our Family Adoption will inform you in writing about action being taken to progress your complaint.


Where your complaint has arisen as a result of services provided within the agreement, which Our Family Adoption has with a Local Authority, Our Family Adoption will initially discuss your complaint with the relevant Area Team Manager in the relevant Local Authority.  It can then be decided which Agency is most appropriate to investigate your complaint and the action which is proposed.  You will be informed of this in writing within 15 days of the complaint being received by Our Family Adoption.

Any complaint regarding the Agency Director will automatically be referred to Ofsted.



If you need to make a complaint before successfully completing the Pre Assessment Stage 1 of the adoption process the procedure above will apply.

You will have already been made aware if Our Family Adoption makes a decision that you should not proceed to the Stage 2 assessment you will receive the reason for this decision in writing.  You will also be reminded in writing that in these circumstances you may instigate the Complaints Procedure.

It is important for you if you progress to a Stage2 assessment, not to confuse the Complaints Procedure with the Suitability to Adopt decision under Adoption Agencies Regulations.  During Stage 2 after either a Brief or Full Report is presented to the Agency’s Adoption Panel, the Panel will make recommendations and all other relevant information is considered by the Agency Decision Maker prior to a decision being reached regarding your suitability to adopt.

If the Agency Decision Maker feels that you are unsuitable you will be given 40 days following the decision to make representation to Our Family Adoption.  Alternatively, you may choose to have the matter referred to the Independent Review Panel.  The Agency will be pleased to provide you with an explanatory leaflet if you wish for your application to be considered by the Independent Review Panel, although you will have already received this leaflet earlier in your involvement with the Agency.

Having received representation from you the Agency Decision Maker will refer your case back to the Adoption Panel for further consideration prior to making a final decision regarding your suitability to be an approved adopter.  If your case is referred to the Independent Review Panel the Agency Decision Maker will consider this Panel’s recommendation before making a final decision regarding your suitability to adopt.

There is no appeals procedure when a final Agency Decision has been made.  If you disagree with the final Agency decision this cannot be investigated under Our Family Adoption’s complaints procedure.

In any circumstances where you feel that Our Family Adoption has treated you unfairly you may wish to discuss your concerns with Ofsted, which is the Regulatory Body for Independent Adoption Agencies.

Ofsted can be contacted at:  

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Telephone: 0300 1231231

E-Mail: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk

Web: www.ofsted.org.uk